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Peer-Reviewed Research Papers:

  • "Opportunities in Farming Research from an Operations Management Perspective" (2023), with Gupta, S., Shukla, M., and Murthy, N., Forthcoming at Production and Operations Management,​

  • "Managing Concurrency in Cyclical Projects under Stochastic Task Environments: Vaccine Development Projects during Pandemics'' (2022), with Murthy, N., and Nagaraja, H., Production and Operations Management, 32, 951– 971,

    • Award: "Best Problem-Driven Analytical Research Paper," Decision Sciences Institute 2021 Annual Conference, online. ​

  • “Game-based pedagogy in operations management: impact of playing a simulation game and providing feedback on students' knowledge” (2021), with Najmi, H., International Journal of Information and Operations Management Education, 7(2), 179-209,

  • “Exploring the Heated Debate over Reopening for Economy or Continuing Lockdown for Public Health Safety Concerns about COVID-19 in Twitter” (2021), with Shokoohyar, S. and Dang, J., International Journal of Business and Systems Research, Vol. 15, No. 5, pp.650–672,

Peer-Reviewed Conference Proceedings:

  • “Optimal Inventory Policies in Disrupted Supply Chains During Pandemics: An Application to Diagnostic Test Kits” (2021), with Arbabian, M., Proceedings of the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Conference, Indiana University– Bloomington, IN.

  • “Using Auditing and Commitment for Engaging the Supplier for Supply Chain Sustainability” (2019), with Nagesh N. Murthy, & Zhibin (Ben) Yang, Proceedings of the Decision Sciences Institute (DSI) Conference, New Orleans, LA.

  • "Committing to Contract for Supplier Social and Environmental Compliance" (2018),  with Murthy, N., and Yang, Z., Proceedings of the Manufacturing and Service Operations Management (MSOM) Conference, the University of Texas at Dallas -- Dallas, TX. 

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